Rhea Ripley Gets Real About Her Feud With Nia Jax, WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Match

Since returning to WWE in September 2023, Nia Jax has firmly set her sights on capturing Rhea Ripley's WWE Women's World Championship. Following months of attacks and verbal spats, Jax now has the opportunity to challenge Ripley for the title one-on-one at the 2024 Elimination Chamber premium live event. Before the two lock up in Perth, Australia, though, Ripley looked back on the path that led this title match.


"I don't understand why Nia has targeted me the way that she has," Ripley told "WWE's The Bump." "I get that I am the top dog, I'm the Women's World Champion, but you can't just come back and sneak attack people until you get a title shot. You haven't stepped in the ring with me one-on-one, so what makes you think that you deserve to do that? Obviously, she attacked me a fair bit, and then she went on her merry way and did a couple other things because we went to Saudi Arabia, I beat all [four] women and I retained my Women's World Championship, so she had no choice but to go onto other women. Yes, she did have a match with Becky, and she did beat Becky Lynch, The Man. So once she did that, she had something – she had an ego. She had a chip on her shoulder. So what does she do? She comes back after me."


While Jax seems to have an affinity for blindsiding her roster-mates from behind, Ripley recognizes that Jax is still a legitimate threat, and one of the most powerful figures, in the WWE women's division. As such, "Mami" urges Jax to bring forth her A-game to their upcoming WWE Women's World Championship match. The winner of this title match will then be tasked with defending the gold against the winner of the Women's Elimination Chamber at WrestleMania 40 in April.

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