Rhea Ripley Vs. Nia Jax Women's Title Match Made Official For WWE Elimination Chamber

Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley stormed to the ring Monday night on "WWE Raw," looking for revenge on Nia Jax after her attack last week. What she got instead was another beatdown at the hands of Jax, as well as a challenge from her for the title at Elimination Chamber.

Ripley's music hit while "Raw" GM Adam Pearce was still having a backstage conversation with Drew McIntyre, and "Mami" was visibly in no mood for anything less than exactly what she came for as she hit the entrance ramp. Upon her calling out Jax for a scrap on the spot, Pearce hit the ring himself to let Ripley know that she could indeed have a match with Jax, but it would be in Perth at Elimination Chamber, rather than right then and there. Jax, however, wasted no time making her way toward the ring, storming past Pearce, and engaging with Ripley, as the GM had no choice but to summon security. Despite their best efforts, Jax and Ripley got after it, with "The Irresistible Force" getting the upper hand once again.

The match at Elimination Chamber will mark Ripley's first title defense since defeating Ivy Nile at "Raw Day 1" on New Year's Day, and her only singles match against Jax since an episode of "Raw" in August 2021. Jax is a former "Raw" Women's Champion who last vied for championship gold in a Fatal Five-Way at Crown Jewel, in which Ripley successfully defended. Her last one-on-one shot at singles gold came in an unsuccessful challenge against Charlotte Flair for the "Raw" Women's title in March of 2021.