Kevin Sullivan Details Chat With ECW Legend Sabu, Discusses Final Match

Sabu previously revealed he is coming toward the end of his career, with his final match expected to take place later this year, and after seeing him this past weekend, Kevin Sullivan provided an update on that. "I just saw him on Saturday and I talked to him," Sullivan revealed on "Tuesday with The Taskmaster." "We're good friends, I think I had his second match. I saw him and he looks fabulous, it's the best he's looked for 15 years and he's going to have one more match ... He said he had a few offers already, and he's not sure who his last opponent would be." 


Sullivan didn't reveal who Sabu has had offers from regarding his final match, but he has previously teased the idea that Rob Van Dam would be his final opponent while mentioning the possibility of a barbed-wire match. RVD has been competing for AEW recently, where Sabu previously made an appearance during Adam Cole's feud against Chris Jericho, but it is unknown whether the company would book that encounter. However, even though Tony Khan made it clear he thought that was going to be a one-off, he did state at the time that he was open to Sabu returning under the right circumstances.

While Sabu has made it clear his final match will be exactly that, rather than pulling off a Terry Funk-style retirement, Sullivan was so impressed by how he looked that he believes the ECW legend would be capable of much more if he wanted to. "I think he could get more than one match out of him he looks so good," Sullivan said.


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