Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins Send A Message At WWE Elimination Chamber 2024

The Perth, Australia edition of "The Grayson Waller Effect" was advertised to be the most special episode in the show's entire run, and thanks to special guests Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Seth "Freakin'" Rollins, the segment delivered on its promise.


Shortly after Rollins offered an injury update, Rhodes said that he had an announcement of his own.

"Rock, you indeed slapped me across the face," Rhodes started. "And at WrestleMania 40, I am wrestling Roman Reigns in the main event, but until then, I am wide open."

The bad blood between Rhodes and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Roman Reigns has been well-documented. The last time Rhodes and Johnson were seen together, Rhodes shamed Reigns and Johnson by invoking their forefathers, and earned himself a stiff slap from Johnson.

"So, let's make it official," Rhodes continued. "Rock, I want to wrestle you one-on-one, anytime, any place!"

Rollins lent his support to Rhodes, and proposed that they "cut the head off the snake". Rollins acknowledged that any fight against The Bloodline was an unfair one — alluding to the faction's gratuitous use of outside interference — and that when Rhodes and Johnson met in the ring, Rhodes would not be alone.


Austin Theory emulated The Great One in response.

Austin Theory, who had accompanied host Grayson Waller to the ring, interrupted Rhodes and Rollin's tender moment and hijacked the segment, much to Waller's visible annoyance. Theory taunted Rhodes with references to Johnson's most famous promos and catchphrases, and Rollins interestingly encouraged Theory's extravagant behavior. 


At one point, Rollins pushed Theory to take his coat off in order to prompt Perth, Australia to smell what he was cooking. Theory obliged, only to be met with an unceremonious shove through a sign for "The Grayson Waller Effect", courtesy of Rollins. Rhodes capitalized on a dazed Theory with a Cody Cutter, and left Theory open to a Stomp by Rollins. Waller watched on nonchalantly, and whether this is an official dissolution of his and Theory's alliance has yet to be seen. Rhodes and Rollins shook hands over Theory's prone body to end the segment.

A clip from the preshow segment showed Johnson promising to fly to Australia if Rhodes and Rollins spoke ill of him. As of writing, Johnson has not been seen at Elimination Chamber, nor has he responded to Rhodes' challenge.