WWE Stars Batter Logan Paul At WWE Elimination Chamber 2024

Kevin Owens woke up and chose violence. Unfortunately for Logan Paul, a significant portion thereof was targeted at him. Owens, whose feud with Paul dates back to the beginning of this year, waited for Paul outside his pod, with "The Maverick" the final entrant in the Men's Elimination Chamber match. Paul tried to keep his pod door shut to no avail as Owens ripped it open and let the beatdown ensue, exorcizing weeks of frustration onto the familiar foe, who beat Owens by disqualification at Royal Rumble.


Hammering Paul outside the ring and on the steel platform, Owens tossed his adversary into the chamber wall repeatedly and had him hobbled up against a pod, leading to the perfect opportunity for Bobby Lashley to spear him right through, breaking the Lexan window and leaving Paul incapacitated for a good while inside.

Later, Owens and Paul would aggressively trade hands, once again on the outside, before Owens got the upper hand once more, and dumped Paul hard onto the platform yet again. The current WWE United States Champion looked to capitalize on a distracted Owens back inside the ring shortly thereafter, only to eat a Stunner from KO, who was eliminated by Randy Orton after an RKO just moments afterwards. Paul would eventually also be eliminated by Orton in similar fashion but as the feud between he and Owens continues to progress, it's worth wondering whether or not this may continue all the way to WrestleMania, either one-on-one, or perhaps with a handful of other participants in some sort of multi-man match for Paul's US title.