Carlito Talks Working With The LWO In WWE, Being An 'Elder' Guy On The Roster

Carlito made his full-time WWE return at Fastlane 2023, immediately siding with the Latino World Order (LWO) faction. Since then, he's assisted the group in feuds with Superstars like Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits, as well as their rivalry with former LWO member Santos Escobar. What's more, Carlito has been having a lot of fun in WWE this time around, telling "Stories with Briscoe and Bradshaw" that he's back in the company to help the next generation.


"It's fun the second time around just because I'm one of the elder statesmen," Carlito said. "I'm one of the veterans now... It's cool now because my job is to help out the younger talent; that's what I enjoy about it now, is being able to help these young guys and pass on whatever knowledge I have on to them."

Carlito then discussed "WWE NXT," noting that many of the talents in the developmental system take the wrestling business seriously. While he thinks some of them get a bad rap, he noted that the true success stories are driven and focused Superstars who grew up as fans of the product.

Despite enjoying his second run with the sports entertainment promotion, Carlito isn't crazy about every aspect of WWE. The 45-year-old revealed that it took him a while to get on board with his theme music as he preferred his older theme, and he wasn't consulted about the new version for input. However, he understands why WWE officials changed the music, and his latest entrance theme has grown on him.