Why Former WWE Star Lio Rush Will Always Respect Ex-TNA Executive Scott D'Amore

TNA Wrestling parted ways with former President Scott D'Amore earlier this month, and some members of the wrestling world have weighed in with their thoughts on the matter. D'Amore was reportedly a popular figure in the locker room, and former AEW and WWE star Lio Rush is one performer who supports him.


While speaking to Irish Wrestling and Entertainment, Rush recalled meeting D'Amore backstage at a joint show between NJPW and IMPACT Wrestling. He said their interaction was very positive, and he appreciated that D'Amore took the time to speak to him, especially as Rush didn't have the most glowing reputation in the wrestling industry at the time.

"Scott pulled me aside after my match and said, 'Man, like, you're really good,' and he expressed that he heard stories about me in the past and he doesn't really judge people based off the stories. He bases people off of personal interaction. We really got along, and he really believed in me. He believed in my talents. He believed in what I could do and what I was capable of. He took a chance on me, too. So I always have the highest respect for Scott."


As Rush noted, he hasn't always seen eye to eye with people in the wrestling industry. The star was released by WWE and AEW in the past, ultimately earning him a reputation for being someone who is potentially difficult to work with. However, it seems D'Amore didn't pay much attention to those stories.

D'Amore was reportedly fired due to internal disputes with Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the conglomerate that owns TNA. According to the reports, he wanted a larger budget so the company could recruit more high-profile stars, but Anthem didn't grant his request. It's also been reported that D'Amore offered to purchase TNA.