Ex-WWE Star Lio Rush Provides Health Update Following Surgeries

Former WWE Superstar Lio Rush has confirmed he is feeling great at the moment, following a couple of serious injuries that plagued his progress and stopped him from various projects both in and out of the ring.


"I had two slight issues with my shoulder, one separated AC joint and a second injury that required surgery, and that had me out for about 11 months," he told "Irish Wrestling & Entertainment." "I can go now, I feel great, I feel I'm in the best shape that I've been in a very long time, I feel quick on my feet. But I feel pretty heavy, pretty stocked up, so I'm ready to go."

The former "NXT" Cruiserweight Champion has had to deal with a lot of injuries throughout his career, which is something that caused issues for him when he was working for AEW. Rush has previously retired due to these issues, and admitted that the key for anybody going through such problems is patience within themselves and the healing process. Rush admitted that the situation was frustrating, but also became a learning process.


"I feel like we beat ourselves up more than anybody else. It's a process just like everything else is a process," Rush said. "It taught me a lot, it showed me a lot about myself. It made me do a deep mental dive and ultimately it helped the recovery process, that's a big part of it. You can get through things physically, but if you get through things physically and we're not right up here all the way that process can be slowed down slightly. Be patient with yourself."

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