Ex-WWE Star Bobby Fish Discusses Relationship With MLW's Court Bauer

Former AEW and WWE star Bobby Fish recently signed with MLW and will reportedly be taking on a regular role in the promotion. During a recent appearance on "Under The Ropes," Fish opened up about his relationship with MLW founder Court Bauer and why he enjoys working for him.


According to Fish, his relationship with Bauer has come a long way, and his work situation with the MLW founder is ideal. "Court Bauer and I go way back and have always gotten along very, very well, so being able to work for Court is everything I would want in a situation and a 'boss' because we do have history, so I know who I'm working for."

Additionally, he explained his current relationship with Bauer as being similar to a player and coach, which has its benefits to Fish. "[That] makes it easier to want to go out and produce not only –- you have pride in yourself as a performer — but to want to go out and produce for that person as well, kind of like a player and coach dynamic... You want to play as well for them as you do for yourself."


Arguably, Fish's most notable tenure in wrestling was when he was a member of the popular "WWE NXT" stable, The Undisputed Era. In 2023, Fish commented on whether there had ever been talks about the stable being moved to the main roster. On top of this, he praised Triple H for forming the stable and described the move as "brilliant."

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