Tony Khan Shares Excitement For AEW's Recent Ratings Performance

AEW President Tony Khan is a man who is all about the numbers. His work in the NFL and the English Premier League has made him hyper-focused on statistics and figures, leading him to put a lot of thought in to shows like "AEW Dynamite," as he looks at it from a ratings standpoint. The ratings for AEW in 2024, while not as strong as their critically acclaimed run in 2021, have been consistent, and it seems Khan is optimistic about the future of AEW given the company's recent performances on cable.


Speaking to "GV Wire," Khan gave his take on how he thinks AEW has performed in the ratings in 2024. "I think our ratings are tremendous," Khan said. "We've beaten the NBA on Wednesday nights three out of the last four weeks. That's pretty good for a league that's been around for less than five years. The NBA is a very established league and ESPN is a very established network, so to premier AEW, a league that's been around for less than five years, and beat the NBA straight up several weeks in a row is pretty powerful."

Khan went on to explain that "AEW Collision" in particular has developed a strong core audience on Saturday nights on TNT, and that network executives are happy with how AEW has performed in recent months, which is the main focus from a business perspective. However, from a personal perspective, Khan admitted the main goal for AEW is keeping the fans happy, and producing ontent that fans will keep wanting to come back to. It's not just the United States that AEW has performed well in, as the February 21 edition of "Dynamite" recorded its highest rating ever in Canada.


Please credit "GV Wire" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.