WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Critiques Cody Rhodes' Ring Entrance

Cody Rhodes' signature entrance in AEW got its fair share of praise and criticism, but he notably carried both the entrance and his theme into WWE. However, according to Kevin Nash on his "Kliq This" podcast, Rhodes is missing a key element with his presentation. Nash asserts that Rhodes needs to add some more aggression to his entrance in order to make it seem like he has a legitimate bone to pick with his opponent.


"You can't f***ing walk down the f***ing ring with the f***ing like — Dude! Either you're selling toothpaste, or are you gonna fight somebody? But that's not a f***ing warrior face." Following this, Nash proclaimed that people like him want to feel like they're watching a legitimate match. "Because most of us, even though we're f***ing 64 years old, we still want to f***ing extend the f***ing belief that we are f***ing not watching pro wrestling, that we're watching a real deal and if you can do that, you're f***ing really good."

Nash claimed that once Rhodes makes this change, he'll publicly praise him for it. "So, please try to f***ing do that and I'll grade you on your future endeavors." Additionally, he suggested a scenario for Rhodes to keep in mind in order to get himself in the right headspace. "Walk to the ring like the f***ing dude that's in the ring, you f***ing just watched a video of him f***ing your wife on the kitchen counter where you make your coffee in the morning."


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