Video: Logan Paul Trolls Drew McIntyre Over WWE Raw Promo, Elimination Chamber Win

Following his win inside the 2024 Men's Elimination Chamber, Drew McIntyre appeared on "WWE Raw" to extend his gratitude to the WWE Universe for supporting him through the grueling match environment, emphasizing that he couldn't have reached this feat without them. McIntyre also pointed out that he was the first man to enter the Elimination Chamber, and the last one to be standing at its conclusion.


Fellow Elimination Chamber participant Logan Paul has since responded to McIntyre's "Raw" promo via a video on X (formerly Twitter), albeit in a rather trolling manner. Upon dissecting McIntyre's verbal segment, Paul countered three particular statements, the first of which honed in on McIntyre's claim that one doesn't achieve success by themselves.

"No you don't, Drew, and you didn't," Paul said. While McIntyre attributed his victory to the prayers of the WWE Universe, Paul believes his act of striking Randy Orton with a pair of brass knuckles was the pivotal factor that allowed McIntyre to clutch the final fall in the Men's Elimination Chamber. And for that, Paul smugly says "You're welcome" to McIntyre.


In addressing McIntyre's assertation that he was the last man standing in the Elimination Chamber, Paul shared an image of McIntyre laying on the mat beside Orton at the end of the match. Meanwhile, Paul, who was eliminated just moments before, was standing in the entranceway of the chamber, reveling in the aforementioned cheap shot he took at Orton. Though McIntyre may not have been physically standing at the match's finish like he was, Paul still takes great pride in helping him win, which, according to Paul, stems from his delight in seeing McIntyre consume his Prime energy drink in a recent Instagram story.

Seemingly unamused by Paul's video, McIntyre has retorted by writing, "I see your brother [Jake Paul] got all the talent and the brains. Admittedly it's a very low bar."