Tony Khan Discusses The Future Of AEW's Media Rights

2024 is a big year for change among the major international wrestling companies. WWE have already confirmed they will be moving "WWE Raw" to Netflix in 2025, as well as "WWE NXT" to The CW and "WWE Smackdown" to USA in fall 2024. AEW also has a big year of negotiations ahead of them, as President Tony Khan will be looking to see what the next move for both AEW and ROH will be.


Speaking to "GV Wire," Khan seemed excited for the upcoming negotiations with Warner Brothers Discovery. "It's going great," Khan said. "We're up at the end of 2024 and we're going to be in a very good position. I think it's a really exciting time for the wrestling business and with a company like AEW that's done the kind of ratings we have, we're going to be in a great position."

One of the reasons Khan is so excited to negotiate is because of the bond AEW has with Warner Brothers Discovery. "We have a great relationship with Warner Brothers Discovery, it's been a great partner. We expanded recently from three hours of programming across TBS and TNT to five hours and that's going really well. We have a great relationship set with them and I think it will be very exciting next year to see how this all shakes out." Warner Brothers Discovery has already put a lot of faith in AEW when it comes to cross-promoting, as "AEW Dynamite" has previously themed episodes around shows on corporate sibling networks like "House of the Dragon," "Rick & Morty," and "Shark Week."


Please credit "GV Wire" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.