WWE Hall Of Famer The Undertaker Recalls Tears Being Shed During One Wrestlers' Court

Many infamous stories have been shared about wrestlers' court over the years, which was a way the WWE locker room used to self-police itself and punish wrestlers for specific behaviors deemed inappropriate. The Undertaker recently recalled tears being shed during one case in Australia.


"We had wrestlers court at the hotel. I want to say it was Melina, and maybe somebody else got brought on some kind of charges," he said on "Six Feet Under with Mark Calloway." "So we had a banquet room reserved at the hotel just for wrestlers court. I'm talking about, it was sold out."

The fact there were tears at the wrestlers' court underscored the seriousness of the situation at the time. The Undertaker reminisced about being the one who presided over it, with JBL serving as the prosecutor. While some wrestlers have shared stories to highlight the lighthearted side of these backstage antics, the emotional charge they could carry became evident in this particular incident.

"It had taken a really pretty serious turn as far as the defendants were concerned," Undertaker said. "It was one place back then as a wrestler you did not want to be. You did not want to be brought up on charges."


Current WWE star CM Punk has been vocal in the past about his disdain for wrestlers' court, having labeled it an "embarrassment to the wrestling business."

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