Why Bobby Fish Says WWE's Undisputed Era Was More Than He Could Have Asked For

The Undisputed Era was one of the most praised factions in "WWE NXT," and for a time, Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong dominated the brand and all four carried gold. 

In a recent appearance on "Under The Ropes," Fish commented on the success of The Undisputed Era and whether they ever predicted their popularity. According to him, none of them predicted their success and simply wanted to be workhorses.


"Working with those three in 'NXT' was more than we could've ever asked for, to be honest. So, when that came together the way it did, it truly became –- you know, we were working hard and that's what we all wanted to be: we wanted to be the workhorses of that brand."

Despite the success, he remained humble and grateful for the opportunity and claimed they often look back at it fondly. 

"Getting that opportunity? So grateful for that, but to get that opportunity and to do it all together? I don't think any of us could've predicted any of that. Certainly, something we look at now and realize how fortunate and just try to be grateful for what it was," said the former WWE star.

Fish, who has previously talked about their friendship, described the experience of working with each other as hanging out with friends and said that he never felt like he was going to work.


"Tagging or being in a group with those guys, it was like for four years I didn't go to work, I got paid like I was going to work, but there was no real work involved. I think that's why it worked as well as it did for us, I think Hunter recognized what was there."

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