Becky Lynch Discusses Never Getting 1-On-1 Match With Ronda Rousey In WWE

Heading into WWE WrestleMania 35, the storyline between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch was one of the hottest angles in the business. However, the decision to inject Charlotte Flair into the mix at the last minute meant the two women never had a singles match against each other, even though Lynch thinks that was the match everyone was clamoring for.


"I suppose at the end of the day I was still able to win the main event of WrestleMania, be the first woman to ever win the main event of WrestleMania," she said to "Inside The Ropes." "I think people thought that moment in time would be evergreen, and it wasn't, and that's okay too. I think you can't force things when they're not there." 

Lynch believes that what is happening in today's WWE landscape is a comparable example, citing fans' desire to witness The Rock facing Roman Reigns. However, at this moment, the interest now is in seeing Cody Rhodes finish his story. While Rousey returned to WWE for another run following her break to become a mother, their rivalry was never rekindled, but "The Man" isn't ruling it out forever.


"Some things have their seasons, and we didn't have that season," Lynch admitted. "If she ever comes back again maybe that season will be right there, maybe it will be springtime on that story, but it never got back to that."

Rousey returned to WWE in 2022, but her second run ended quickly as she left the company in October 2023. 

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