Thunder Rosa Discusses AEW Bringing Personal Experiences Into Storylines

AEW has notably involved many wrestlers' families in storylines, such as the recent inclusion of Sting's sons in his retirement angle. Based on this and her own experiences, Thunder Rosa commented on the promotion's utilization of personal storylines in an appearance on "Busted Open Radio."


According to Rosa, so far AEW has managed to do a good job bringing personal factors into storylines, and it makes things seem more realistic. "I think with some of the personal experiences that were brought up into storylines, it was done well and in a way where it's kind of like borderline too personal but not too personal. I think it just brings a lot more reality to things." Additionally, she pointed out that by taking this route, fans could more easily relate to a wrestler instead of just reacting to a promo. "Because the reactions are not going to be as super reactive, but it's gonna be something where you can relate and you can express in a way where people can understand what you're feeling."


Thunder Rosa also recalled how drawing from your personal experiences was something she'd been taught in acting classes. "That's one of the most important parts in acting classes where they give you certain characters and the characters go through certain things, they always tell you to 'dig deep' from the experiences you had in the past — your personal experiences."

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