The Young Bucks Discuss Embracing Heel Roles In AEW

AEW EVPs The Young Bucks have been subject to a lot of online criticism since their infamous backstage clash with CM Punk after All Out 2022. However, upon their recent return, the duo fully embraced their corporate side, changed their names, and began acting as villains. Speaking with "Sports Illustrated," The Bucks commented on their heel turn.


According to Matt(hew) Jackson, their success in the industry is "undeniable," and he believes they will ultimately get their flowers someday. However, he doesn't think that will happen anytime soon. "But unfortunately, they will be at our gravesides." Following this, he explained why they're now embracing their roles as antagonists, seemingly addressing some of the online criticisms they've gained over the years. " When you are cast as a villain, you must accept that role. But we know what we've done — we lived it."

Additionally, Jackson seemingly dismissed the criticisms made against them, and noted how much money they've made for others in the industry. "Hate our style of wrestling? Hate the way we look? Hate the way we talk? That's fine. But we made a lot of people a lot of money. I bathe in the tears of yesterday's broke wrestling personalities, whose only content is talking about what I did last, in my backyard lazy river." The Young Bucks are set to be Sting's final opponents during his retirement match at this weekend's Revolution pay-per-view, an assignment which reportedly led them to speed up the process of debuting their new personas.