Lex Luger Looks Back On Sting's Match At WWE WrestleMania 31

For many years, it could be argued that Sting was the biggest American wrestling star to never appear in WWE. However, that changed when "The Icon" wrestled Triple H at WWE WrestleMania 31 in 2015, with the involvement of several other former WCW stars.


The No Disqualification match saw interference from D-Generation X, appearing on behalf of Triple H. They were soon joined by Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan of the NWO, who attempted to take DX out of the equation. The match ended with Triple H using a sledgehammer against Sting and pinning the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Speaking on a recent edition of "Busted Open Radio," Lex Luger looked back on the quality of Sting's WWE debut.

"That definitely could have been done much better, and it would've been great for business to do it a different way for sure," Luger said. "I remember Scott Hall had called me afterward. He goes, 'Man, we were there at ringside.' He goes, 'What are we doing here?'"


Luger recalled there being confusion over why the NWO, who were enemies of Sting, was out there helping him. Additionally, Luger said that Hall joked about Sting making a bad deal to come into the company and lose to Triple H at WrestleMania.

"Scott had that sense of humor, man," Luger continued. "That dry ... wit about him, you know? He had me laughing, but yeah — it definitely could have been done differently and better."

The WrestleMania bout was one of four matches that Sting wrestled in the company that year before getting injured during a match against Seth Rollins at WWE SummerSlam. After that, Sting spent several more years away from wrestling before appearing at AEW Winter is Coming 2020.

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