WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson On What He'd Like To Hear Out Of Cody Rhodes

Both onscreen and off, Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes have a tight relationship. The two were paired up together in AEW, with Anderson acting as Rhodes' manager and coach. Now, speaking on his podcast "Arn," Anderson shared what he wants to see out of the current storyline involving Rhodes and Roman Reigns on WWE TV. Anderson believes WWE needs to show an explanation as to why Rhodes initially stepped aside to let Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson challenge Reigns before later changing his mind.


"I would like to hear a convincing about-face promo from Cody," Anderson said. "Be firm, pissed, defiant, and pretty much go back to his story. ... 'I don't want to beat Roman. I have to beat Roman. That is my legacy. Everything I have done up to this point doesn't matter.'"

According to Anderson, the company could easily explain the strange storyline decision by having Rhodes say he had a brief moment of hesitation and poor decision-making. However, he later realized he had to be the one to face Reigns.

Anderson was also asked directly if he believed that Rhodes would finish his story at WWE WrestleMania 40 next month. His answer seemed to indicate that he knew more than he could let on.

"I certainly hope so," Anderson stated. "That's all I can say without reproach."


A rematch between Rhodes and Reigns, with the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on the line, is already slated for next month's event. There are even rumors that Rhodes and Reigns may face off in a tag match on night one, also including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Seth Rollins, before competing in their singles bout the next night. The reality of the situation should continue to become clear in the weeks ahead as WrestleMania approaches.

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