Update On El Hijo Del Vikingo's Recovery Timeline, Title Status Following Surgery

AAA Mega Champion El Hijo del Vikingo is yet another performer to be hit with an injury as of late. The luchador suffered a knee injury during a recent match in Mexico that resulted in the bout being stopped, and Vikingo being pulled from upcoming appearances as more information about the injury came to light. Dave Meltzer reported in February that Vikingo had suffered a meniscus injury that would require surgery, medical attention Meltzer noted Vikingo has needed for some time.


Vikingo gave an update of his own on his Instagram, confirming he had not only suffered a torn meniscus, but that he had also ruptured some ligaments and was going to have surgery. However, he didn't give a timetable on when he could return. Meltzer noted in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that with the surgery, Vikingo could be out for as little as five months, given that this is his first time going under the knife. However, Vikingo could be out for as long as nine months depending on the extent of the injury. 

X user Luchablog reposted a statement released by AAA confirming that Vikingo's surgery had been a success, and that they will inform fans on Vikingo's health as they receive updates. As far as the AAA Mega Championship is concerned, AAA will provide an update down the line as they begin to learn how long Vikingo will be out of action. Vikingo won the title in December 2021 and has become the longest-reigning champion in its history. If Vikingo was to vacate the title, it would mark the second occasion in a row that this has happened as the previous champion, AEW's Kenny Omega, also vacated the prize due to mounting injuries that required surgery.