Backstage News On Whether WWE Has Considered Having Tama Tonga Join The Bloodline

It has been widely reported that Tama Tonga is WWE-bound now that his time with NJPW has come to an end, but could he end up being added to The Bloodline? The answer is, potentially. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the idea of him being in the group in some form down the line has been considered. The former Bullet Club member might not be a blood relation to those in the group, but he is considered to be part of the "family" by the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns, which is why his inclusion into the group wouldn't be out of place. The Bloodline hasn't been exclusive to just family members over the years either, with Paul Heyman and Sami Zayn having been involved.


Tonga's contract with NJPW is officially finished now, meaning he is technically a free agent and could appear on WWE television at any point. However, there hasn't been a reported start date for him at this stage, nor is it even confirmed that he will be heading to the main roster, as Tonga could end up in "WWE NXT," as many other new signings have in the past.

The company has had an interest in the former NEVER Openweight Champion for over a decade now, far longer than The Bloodline's lifespan, with the two parties having been in communication over a potential deal numerous times during those years. However, whether WWE injects the adopted son of Haku into the biggest storyline in the company upon his arrival remains to be seen.