Booker T Reflects On Sting Retiring In AEW, Coming Down From The Rafters On Dynamite

"The Icon" Sting recently attended what's been labeled as his final "AEW Dynamite," and recreated his famous entrance descending from the rafters, which he popularized during his days battling the NWO in WCW. Booker T commented on the feat and Sting's pending final match on his "Hall of Fame" podcast, and what must be going through the legend's mind.


Booker noted that the moment likely felt very nostalgic for Sting. "That had to be a moment for him, a nostalgic moment that he had to have felt a certain way about it." However, before this, he pointed out that the veteran will likely permanently hang up his boots after this weekend and never make a return. "I think this one sticks. I don't think you can make a comeback after 65. It ain't happening." Sting has notably praised Darby Allin for all the contributions he's made since he joined AEW, which Booker noted wasn't out of character. "Sting's a humble dude, you're not gonna find too many guys who have a lot of bad things to say about Sting. He's humble as humble as can be, honestly, I don't think it could have been done without Darby."


Following this, Booker explained just how integral Allin has been to Sting's run in AEW, and that he thinks being "The Icon's" right-hand man would be anyone's dream come true. "Darby literally was the guy that was going out there doing a lot of the work. I couldn't have found a better place to land in this business than to be Sting's right-hand man — I mean, could you imagine that?"

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