Sting Addresses His Last AEW Dynamite Crowd After The Broadcast Goes Off The Air

AEW star Sting is set to call time on his career this weekend at AEW Revolution, and last night was the final "AEW Dynamite" appearance of "The Icon" as an active wrestler. The veteran star appeared at the end of the show, coming to the aid of his tag team partner, Darby Allin, and his old friend Ric Flair, who were being attacked by The Young Bucks. In classic Sting fashion, he appeared from the rafters to make his way to the ring and used his trademark bat to inflict pain on the Bucks. 


After the show went off the air, the WWE Hall of Famer stuck around to address the fans in Huntsville, Alabama. 

"I'm not only doing my last 'Dynamite' — I'm doing my last 'Dynamite' in Huntsville," Sting said. "I'm doing my last 'Dynamite' with Darby Allin as my tag team partner. I'm doing my last 'Dynamite' with the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair right next to me."

The crowd then erupted in "Woo!" chants for Flair, giving Sting a moment to pause before continuing with his farewell speech. The former WCW star thanked the fans again before noting another significant aspect of his appearance last night.

"This is, I think, the second time I've actually come out of the ceiling in this building," Sting continued. "What was the first time? Did I throw the bat to Dallas Page?" 


Sting's memory proved correct, and the fans let him know.

Sting Comes To The Aid Of 'Diamond' Dallas Page

Sting was referencing a pivotal WCW moment that took place in the very same arena. On April 7, 1997 — the night after that year's WCW Spring Stampede — 'Diamond' Dallas Page made his way down to the ring during "WCW Nitro" to discuss his match against the NWO's Randy Savage from the prior night. After discussing threats Savage made against Page's wife following Spring Stampede, Page said he would have killed Savage if he had been able to find him. Despite being hurt from the match, Page told Savage to come down to the ring to face him, and Savage did — on crutches but joined by 'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan and the rest of the NWO.


Just when Hogan seemed poised to move against Page, Sting appeared, zip-lining down from the rafters for an assist. "The Crow" was brandishing a baseball bat and soon revealed that he had brought an extra, tossing it over his back to Page, who was still in the ring. Despite Sting and Page being vastly outnumbered, the two were able to intimidate the NWO into backing off as that episode of "Nitro" came to a close.

Though there was no actual action in the segment, the moment remains iconic in Sting's history. As pointed out by commentary, part of the significance came from the fact that both Sting and Page had previously been battling the NWO separately for months. With the two coming together, the segment in Huntsville marked a turning point for the faction's grip on WCW.


Sting Thanks the Fans

"There's some good history right here, and I'm glad to be back right here," continued Sting, addressing the Huntsville crowd last night.

With his time as an active wrestler coming to an end in a matter of days, the 64-year-old took some of his last promo time to let the fans know how much he has appreciated their support throughout his career.


"What can I say after all these years? What can I say? Anything I would say is just kind of trivial, but I really mean — thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart," said Sting. "I could not have done any of this without this tag team partner right here, Darby Allin. And I wouldn't have been put on the map if it wasn't for this man right here, 'The Nature Boy.' I love you Huntsville."

The crowd then chanted, "Thank you, Sting," before the legendary star bid goodbye. Sting will have his final match in pro wrestling on Sunday, March 3, where he and Allin will defend their AEW World Tag Team titles against The Young Bucks, and the champs will have "The Nature Boy" in their corner. Allin and Sting won the tag team titles earlier this month on "Dynamite," defeating Ricky Starks and Big Bill to begin their first run with the titles. Heading into Sunday's pay-per-view, Sting has yet to suffer a single loss during his time in AEW. Only time will tell if the legend will retire undefeated in the promotion or if he'll "go out on his back," as the saying goes.