Sting Descends From The Rafters To Save Ric Flair In Final AEW Dynamite Appearance

The Young Bucks got quite the surprise on "AEW Dynamite" after spending the majority of Wednesday's broadcast looking for Sting on what was "The Icon's" final appearance on the show ahead of his final match on Sunday at Revolution. Matthew and Nicholas Jackson entered the arena at the start of the show, armed with baseball bats. They attempted to find Sting in his locker room to no avail, so they came out to the ring at the end of the night and heckled some fans in Sting masks at ringside, one of whom turned out to be Darby Allin.


The Young Bucks beat up on Allin in the ring with their bats, then called out Ric Flair. Flair was seen heading into the Bucks' locker room last week on "Dynamite," seemingly turning on his longtime friend. When the Bucks wanted Flair to hit Allin with one of the bats, Flair turned on them with a thumb to the eye and a cheap shot. The Bucks then started to beat up on Flair, hitting him with a low blow and beating him down. 

It was then that Sting's music hit, and the Bucks headed up the ramp to wait for him on the stage. Sting never appeared from the back, however, and descended from the rafters armed with his own baseball bat to come to Flair and Allin's rescue. Allin hit the Bucks with a Coffin Drop, and Sting hit Nicholas with a Scorpion Death Drop to end the show, and Sting's final "Dynamite." Allin and Sting put their AEW World Tag Team Championships on the line against the Young Bucks at Revolution.