Why This Week's AEW Collision Was Taped Rather Than Live The Night Before Revolution

AEW fans in Huntsville, Alabama were treated to a double header this past week as they not only got to see the February 28 "AEW Dynamite" live, but also witnessed the upcoming March 2 "AEW Collision" get taped as well. Everything on both shows was designed to set up the events that will unfold this Sunday at AEW Revolution, which will take place at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.


The question some fans asked is why would AEW tape "Collision" on Wednesday and not have the show air live from Greensboro considering the company will be in the city the next day? PWInsider Elite did some digging and reported that the decision was a logistical one, as the company wanted to make sure they had everything in place for the pay-per-view on March 3. On top of this, the Greensboro Coliseum wasn't available on March 2, and the company thought it would be best to tape "Collision" in advance instead of running in a different market and making fans travel to two different locations. AEW officials believed that running the venue for just the pay-per-view would resonate more given the history Sting and Ric Flair have with the building.


Since "Collision's" debut in June 2023, the show has routinely taken place in the same venue as AEW pay-per-views that have taken place the next day. The venues for Forbidden Door, All Out, WrestleDream, and Full Gear all had episodes of "Collision" staged in them the previous day, with Worlds End being the exception as the show was on a Saturday night. Full Gear also took place on a Saturday, but "Collision" aired on the Friday before, which meant that it went head-to-head with "WWE SmackDown.