Rey Mysterio Returns, Renews Hostilities With Santos Escobar On WWE SmackDown

Rey Mysterio made a surprise return after being on the shelf for months with an injury on Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown." Mysterio interfered in Carlito's street fight against Santos Escobar, evening the playing field when Legado del Fantasma were beating down Carlito and his fellow LWO members. Mysterio's music hit and he appeared on the stage walking with crutches — Escobar had kayfabe injured him in November during his heel turn.


But Mysterio revealed he wasn't actually still injured when Humberto and Angel came for him up the ramp, and he beat down the pair with his crutches before getting in the ring to help Carlito. He got in Escobar's face, seemingly renewing their feud just in time for WrestleMania, and distracted him long enough for Carlito to hit the Backstabber. Mysterio then hit a 619 on Escobar and Carlito sent him through the table and got the pin for the victory. After the match, Carlito, Mysterio, Zelina Vega, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz del Toro celebrated in the ring, the full LWO reunited.

Mysterio actually had surgery on his right knee in November, which left him out of action for four months, missing not just Elimination Chamber, but the Royal Rumble as well. At the time, Mysterio didn't specify what was wrong with his knee or the severity of the injury.