Matt Riddle Opens Up About Failed WWE Drug Tests, Rehab

Matt Riddle's WWE suspension due to breaking the company's Wellness Policy is unfortunately one of the things his run with the promotion will largely be remembered for. While many online fans were surprised WWE held onto his contract for so long, Riddle claims even he thought the promotion would've fired him sooner.


"Honestly, I thought I was going to get fired a long time ago," Riddle said in recent interview with Ariel Helwani on the "MMA Hour," noting that he was surprised to be brought back soon after going into rehab as well. "And then after I went to rehab and I got out, I didn't even think they were gonna bring me back -– it was 'Mania season, I wasn't on 'Mania, and a lot of times they do the 'budget cuts' right after there."

Riddle was released by WWE after reportedly burning too many bridges backstage, but the former Superstar was happy to go as his life had become too hectic. Riddle also commented on the offenses that led to his suspension, noting that neither of his two strikes was for using marijuana. 


"You're allowed to smoke weed. I went to the strip club and did some cocaine a couple of times and I failed a drug test. It was cocaine each time."

After failing a random test at his home, Riddle was sent to rehab through WWE, but according to him, despite being brutal, the experience was fun. "You all have a similar vice, even if it's something different, you can relate if you're struggling with something. Usually, if you're using drugs, something's not going right in life." He also admitted that he used partying to cope with his divorce from Lisa Riddle following 11 years of marriage.

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