Tony Khan Reveals Injured AEW Stars He Wanted To Include In Meat Madness At Revolution

The planned Meat Madness match at AEW Revolution was canceled due to unfortunate circumstances, and it has since been replaced with an All-Star Scramble for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. During the recent AEW Revolution media call ahead of the pay-per-view, Tony Khan confirmed that Miro and Keith Lee were considered for the match but were left out due to recovering from injuries. As such, he changed the bout to showcase other talents instead of underdelivering with the Meat Madness extravaganza.


"Some of the wrestlers I was hoping to use....right now, Miro and Keith Lee are both out. Neither one is available, and some of our big men being out injured; I wanted to have the depth in the field to do the match I originally envisioned, and people would enjoy that."

Despite the setback, Khan believes that the replacement match will deliver the goods, and he plans on returning to the Meat Madness bout down the line. "We have other great stars and rivalries to showcase, so I made it an All-Star Scramble. When we get all of our big men healthy at the same time, I still want to take the Meat Madness concept off the shelf, get it out of the freezer, thaw it out, but until then I put Meat Madness on ice."


Interestingly, Miro recently commented on claims he was injured, though his response could be interpreted as sarcasm. The former TNT Champion said he got injured in September but didn't receive medical attention until January, while also stating that Khan was unaware of the situation.

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