Ace Steel Says He Had No Idea Who Was Going To Win Notorious CM Punk WWE Match

While CM Punk has been welcomed back to WWE with open arms following his return at Survivor Series 2023, his 2011 run remains one of the most talked about times in his career, mainly due to the infamous pipebomb promo. In a recent appearance on "The Two Man Power Trip," Ace Steel commented on Punk's Money in the Bank clash with John Cena, which was built on the promo in question.


According to Steel, he had no idea what the ending to the match would be, despite being close friends with Punk. "I didn't know the finish. I was there all day, hanging out; I think I was hanging out talking to [William] Regal and various other people."

Steel explained that he wanted to experience the match like a fan, so he was happy about not knowing the outcome beforehand. "When I sat down for that show to start, as I'm watching the matches it occurred to me... I didn't know the finish. And I went, 'Oh, wait, I don't wanna know.' I wanna watch it, and although I'm not a fan, I wanted to be surprised whichever way it went."

The veteran added that he had no idea what was going to happen in the recent "WWE Raw" promo segment between Punk and Drew McIntyre, and like everyone else, he was shocked by the interaction. "I still want to be that way. Like that promo the other night, the way it ran even with Drew, when he had that line, 'I prayed for you to get your injury. For you to get hurt.' Oh, man, I was howling just like everybody else."


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