Ricky Morton Explains How Wrestling Legend Ole Anderson Was 'Misunderstood'

Pro wrestling legend Ole Anderson, unfortunately, passed away recently at 81 years old, and in his memory, many are talking about the legacy he left behind

Fellow wrestling legend Ricky Morton has added his voice to the discussion, and in a recent appearance on "Busted Open Radio," Morton shared some of his history with Anderson and whether he was "misunderstood." According to Morton, Anderson was misunderstood especially by wrestlers of today, who he says 90% of the time don't even understand the business. 


"Ole was hardcore, it was no game, it was no joke, this is a business thing and that is the way he treated it," said Morton.

Additionally, he claimed Anderson was a very serious man who didn't even like ice cream. He admitted that he didn't remember having any fun times with Anderson, but that at the time heels and babyfaces didn't generally mix together in the dressing room. 

"90% of the time, Ole read a book. Ole was a highly educated guy, he delivered all his children when they were born, he read stuff and learned how to do it. He was different from everybody else. It wasn't always good times with him, but you had to earn Ole's respect..."

Morton also commented on whether Anderson had any known friends and revealed that he wasn't even close to the rest of the Four Horsemen faction. "Don't get me wrong, Ric respected him, because I remember back then, hell, they'd argue like hell all the time. Ole never ran with nobody," recalled Morton.


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