Tony Khan Discusses Potential Further Expansions To AEW's PPV Calendar

With AEW Revolution in the rear-view mirror, the company will now turn its attention to its next pay-per-view. On April 21, AEW will host the first-ever Dynasty event at the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri, becoming the latest addition to the promotion's pay-per-view calendar. With another marquee event being added to the calendar, Tony Khan elaborated on the Revolution Media Call why more pay-per-views are being introduced. 


"I want to be open and honest; I could see this year being nine or 10 [pay-per-view events]," Khan said. "I think nine is probably a good sweet spot, but it feels like that's about the right number, and I don't want to make a huge change or increase, but definitely, eight was incredibly successful, and I don't want to do anything totally different, but I do see an opening for maybe 10... but nine feels like a great number for us right now."

Khan also mentioned that on top of the nine AEW pay-per-views that are penciled in for 2024, Ring of Honor will also have at least three pay-per-views over the course of the year. The next one on the schedule is ROH Supercard of Honor, which is set to take place in Philadelphia on April 5, with Death Before Dishonor and Final Battle following in July and December, respectively. AEW's big events are coming thick and fast over the next few weeks as the company is set to host the "Dynamite: Big Business" TV special in Boston, Massachusetts, on March 13, which is rumored to be the site of Mercedes Mone's debut for the company.


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