WWE's Becky Lynch Recalls Trying To Convince Herself She Didn't Need Wrestling

Though she's now undeniably one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, there was once a time when, as an independent wrestler, Lynch quit the business for seven entire years. Making an appearance on "The Bump," the former "WWE Raw" Women's Champion discussed that period of her life and what caused her to walk away.


"I left wrestling when I was just 19 years old," Lynch said. "I had already main-evented in Korakuen Hall in Japan, and wrestled all over Europe and Japan and Canada. And at 19, I felt like it was time to give up on my dream and be realistic and do a realistic job."

Lynch explained that, during that time, women weren't given the platform to wrestle on a big stage the way she wanted to do it. Many people claimed there would never be an appetite for women's wrestling to be taken more seriously, but Lynch pointed out that they were wrong.

"In those seven years, ... you'd just see how much I would constantly be trying to convince myself that I was okay without it — that I was fine — but it would just always come back," Lynch continued. "It sounds so dramatic but it was like coming to terms with a death, but then you find out that that person isn't dead and then you have to reconcile with — okay, now I get to have this whole new life again."


In 2014, however, Lynch signed a developmental contract with WWE, eventually earning a reputation on "WWE NXT" as one of the brand's best performers. Fast forward a decade and, in addition to the upcoming release of her memoir "Not Your Average Average Girl," Lynch won the Women's Elimination Chamber match and is preparing to face Rhea Ripley at WWE WrestleMania 40 for the Women's World Championship.

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