Why Roderick Strong Loved Divisive Recent AEW Storyline

Roderick Strong was a pivotal figure in Adam Cole's betrayal storyline against former AEW World Champion, MJF, which he also used to establish his new character. 

In a recent interview with "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Strong commented on the angle and the opportunities it provided for Matt Bennett and Mike Taven. Strong stated that he loved being a part of the storyline and explained why it was big for his career. 


"That whole situation was so big for my career. Giving me an opportunity to not have to wrestle my way to get people's attention the whole time. That was fantastic," said the AEW star.

Strong also noted that another reason he enjoyed it so much was because he got to work with Cole again. "That's my dude. My favorite parts of my career are with him. For Adam to create an opportunity for Matt, Mike, and Wardlow. That's super cool. Matt and Mike really haven't had an opportunity to do anything like that to get that kind of attention on that level."

He believes that a lot of good came from the angle for both him and those involved, while Strong also answered if he will be ready to be one of MJF's targets when he returns. "It's one of those things that I feel [was] very necessary for my career and all the guys involved. And I feel like this next year is gonna shape up to be the very best one," said the AEW star. "That's okay, I'm ready," he replied briefly about potentially facing MJF.


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