Jinder Mahal Recalls High-Profile WWE Raw Segment With The Rock

Making his high-profile return to pro wrestling has given many wrestlers a chance to work with The Rock, with one of the first to get in the ring with him being Jinder Mahal, who was brought out as a fake-out for Triple H's surprise return for "WWE Raw Day 1."  


In a recent appearance on the "Gorilla Position" podcast, Mahal explained how the moment came to fruition. The "Raw" star stated that he got the call about the segment after he flew back to Tampa for Christmas and was told he'd be announced as the returning WWE Champion. 

"I knew there was a but coming. 'But it's going to be a bait and switch and you're actually with The Rock. Don't tell anybody.' So, I flew out a few days earlier, and yeah what an awesome moment," said Mahal.

Mahal expressed that it was an amazing experience to be in the ring with "The Great One." He confirmed that he has been working with an acting coach to improve his promos and that he's received a lot of positive feedback since his promo with Seth Rollins


"The Rock, one of the most amazing performers of all time, super giving, and super, super easy. That was the most relaxed I've ever been in a promo," the WWE star said.

Additionally, Mahal claimed that he thinks that The Rock's presence in WWE is only going to make the promotion bigger, and described The Rock as both helpful and approachable. 

"We're exploring uncharted territory in terms of growth. All of us performers in the locker room are super excited. He gets along with everybody," Mahal added. "Overall, it's a very positive thing. The buzz going into WrestleMania? There's a lot of interest in this WrestleMania."

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