WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Opens Up About The Death Of Virgil

The wrestling world is mourning former WWE Million Dollar Champion Virgil, who died on February 28 at the age of 72 (originally reported as 61 but was clarified later). 

On the latest episode of "The Hall of Fame" podcast, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T eulogized his fellow WCW comrade. "Virgil was a good dude, man," Booker T said, noting that he was jealous of Virgil's role in WWE as Ted DiBiase's bodyguard, chuckling about the easy gig. "Virgil didn't have to do nothing. All he had to do was just stand there."


After his time in WWE ended, Virgil went to WCW, where he wrestled as "Vincent," and would also be where he crossed paths with Booker. 

"He was always a good dude, man," Booker said. He went on to list the myriad of maladies Virgil suffered recently, mentioning that Virgil's reputation left Booker wondering if any of it was true. According to the former WCW United States Champion, the two men had a convivial relationship, mostly seeing each other on the convention circuit. 

"It's definitely shocking for me to wake up and see that Virgil had died at 61 years old, just two years older than I am now."

While Virgil had a lengthy wrestling career, he had a second life of sorts on the convention circuit, where he became a meme superstar due to lonely shots of him at conventions, looking bored. Booker believes that Virgil carried a bit of sadness despite his legacy.


His contributions to the business are something that can't be overlooked

Booker T also talked about Virgil's impact on the pro wrestling business, and how he influenced him.

"Virgil definitely made a huge mark in the wrestling business," Booker T continued. "I think when Ted and Virgil broke up, it was kinda like a real break-up ... maybe Virgil felt like he was the Black Sheep of the family."


He went on to explain that Virgil seemed to enjoy the solitude. "Virgil was that guy that was always off by himself," he said. 

Despite Virgil's meme legacy, Booker feels that the former NWO member deserves to be remembered for kicking the door open for talent like him.

"His contributions to the business are something that can be overlooked, even though he wasn't going to give you a five-star match, Virgil's impact on the business for me as a young Black person getting into the business ... I was a young person looking at wrestling and I saw Virgil and thought 'Maybe,'" Booker admitted, also praising Virgil's commitment to physical fitness. "He always looked good," Booker chuckled.

Numerous stars from wrestling paid tribute to Virgil following his passing.