Why AEW Star Will Ospreay Is Ready To Be 'Vulnerable'

Will Ospreay has kicked off his full-time AEW career with a bang following Revolution 2024. His match with Konosuke Takeshita was not only one of the hardest-hitting bouts on the card, but it has been widely considered by fans as one of the best matches to happen so far in 2024. 


Despite dipping his toe in the AEW waters over the past two years, Ospreay revealed at the Revolution post-show media scrum how excited he is to get to work. However, there is one habit of his that he's been trying hard to kick. "The one thing I'm doing my best to do it I'm trying my best not to swear, it's so hard," Ospreay said. The former NJPW star admitted most of his promos in Japan have been backstage, meaning he can say whatever he wants. But now that he's on American TV, he knows he's got to tone down his language just a little bit.

Ospreay also revealed that he's ready to learn on the biggest stages, and while he knows his in-ring work is already nailed down, he knows that there is going to be more to learn when it comes to working in AEW. "It's an anxiety of like for ages, I know when the bell rings I do it, but it's not just the bell ringing anymore," Ospreay said. "It's about showing personality, it's about connecting with the crowd, and that's my main focus now. I want to show my personality because I think I'm a bit of a cheeky bugger, so I want to show that off ... it's going to be hard to work out these navigations but I'm ready man. I'm ready to do it, I'm ready to be completely vulnerable out there.


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