Why Eric Bischoff Says What AEW Star Darby Allin Does Isn't Good For The Business

Sting's retirement match at AEW Revolution had the entire wrestling world talking this past weekend, and one of the big moments was Darby Allin's insane glass bump. It's one that divided opinion, with some finding it an incredible spot while others, such as Eric Bischoff, thinking it was unnecessary. "I'm not a fan of what Darby does," he said on "83 Weeks." "I don't think it's good for the business. I know people love watching it, everybody loves their, "Holy s**t" moments or a reason to chant "This is awesome," that's part of the experience and I get that. But, in the long run, I think it's too dangerous." 


Allin ended up having to have 12 stitches in his back after he crashed through the glass, which instantly led to blood pouring out of him. While he was able to finish the match, Bischoff doesn't think it's a good thing when talent relies on high spots such as that, even if bloodthirsty fans want to see it. However, the big reason he didn't enjoy the spot was because it didn't get the match nor Sting over in the moment. 

"Darby did it for Darby, Darby didn't do it for Sting," he said. "This is Darby making sure Darby got his s**t in, and I just don't think it was necessary ... It wasn't about Darby, it wasn't about how tough or crazy he is, that's not what this was about, this was about Sting."


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