Why Bully Ray Says Dominik Mysterio Is Becoming An 'Albatross To Judgment Day In WWE

Dominik Mysterio has come a long way since his WWE debut, and while his character work still gets criticism from some, it seems like he's established himself as a future main-eventer. However, according to Bully Ray on "Busted Open Radio," Dominik is becoming a problem that The Judgment Day can't solve anymore. "Is there anybody getting more boos or generates heat more than Dominik?" Bully questioned. Following this, he compared the reaction to Dominik and heel Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER. "The kid has become an albatross to The Judgment Day. Gunther is being interviewed, he's got a little smile on his face, talking about the credibility of his championship ... I don't hate Gunther."


Bully then praised GUNTHER's chops, claiming they're the most credible in the industry. "It's not like those stupid chops we see in the corner with everybody trying to bastardize the Japanese spot, like the Shotgun Chops in the corner. As much as I love Eddie Kingston, I hate that stupid Shotgun Chop in the corner stuff. It just does not look good."

Additionally, Bully explained why GUNTHER's chops are as good as he thinks, and that he'd actually like to see someone submit after one too many chops from the champion. "Gunther can beat you with a chop. Gunther's chops look good, they sound good, people cringe when they hear a Gunther Chop. You can see the red marks it leaves on somebody's chest. I would love to see somebody tap out to Gunther's chops."


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