Eric Bischoff Reacts To Sting's Final Match At AEW Revolution 2024

Sting's final wrestling match saw him successfully defend the AEW World Tag Team Champions against The Young Bucks with Darby Allin and his sons, Garrett and Steve Jr. playing iconic roles in the bout. In the latest episode of "83 Weeks," Eric Bischoff reacted to the match and gave his opinion on some of the segments. Bischoff noted how excited fans were about the match, which made him excited as well, even though he doesn't particularly like gimmick matches. 


"The match had drama, great psychology, I love the fact that Sting brought his two sons with him, dressed in the previous incarnations of the Sting character. That was a cool little touch," said the WWE Hall of Famer.

He stated that he hoped to see his friend enjoying every moment and making sure that he'll remember it, which he believes Sting ultimately did. "I'm sure that he will. His career really started off in the same building, what a big night, you know Tony there and JR there, listening to them on commentary (...) it was such a classic move."

Bischoff noted that Sting has always been a private person and he thinks that "The Icon" stuck around so long largely due to his gimmick making him comfortable. "He was able to throw on a cap and pair of sunglasses and just kind of be a regular guy. But the fact that Sting is not the kind of guy that needs the limelight, it kind of surprised me more than anything that he stayed in the industry as long as he did because he made a lot of money. He didn't do it because he needed to, he did it because he loved it," he added.


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