Trish Stratus Explains Why WWE Cage Match Is 'Hands-Down' Her Favorite

Wrestlers coming out of retirement for one more run in the ring is nothing new in the current climate, but one person who went above and beyond to remind everyone why they are so revered is Trish Stratus. The WWE Hall of Famer not only turned back the clock in her matches throughout 2023 but even turned heel in her feud with Becky Lynch, resulting in a Steel Cage match at that year's Payback Premium Live Event.


During a recent interview with "Gorilla Position," Stratus stated that when she was asked what her favorite match was, she used to have several answers for a variety of reasons. However, the Steel Cage match with Lynch is her go-to answer these days. 

"What it represented, the fact that I could go back this many years later, and not only hang with the current crop and that sort of thing, but it was more about doing something I was not able to do," Stratus said. "The opportunity was not there for us females back in the day, so to be able to do something I was not able to do was really special."

Stratus also stated that it was special to be able to pull off such a generational dream match between two top stars from completely different eras of WWE, as well as the fact that she has matured as a performer since initially hanging up her boots in 2006. The Hall of Famer hasn't wrestled since her Steel Cage match with Lynch but continues to appear at conventions and autograph signings where she is thrilled to have two different sets of fans — the ones who remember her work from the early 2000s, and younger fans who were only introduced to her through her work in 2023.


Please credit "Gorilla Position" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.