John Cena Touches On Latest Heel Incarnation Of The Rock In WWE

After shocking the wrestling world and aligning with The Bloodline, The Rock is currently operating as a heel in WWE. While it has provided a refreshing approach to his character, his former rival John Cena admitted he doesn't know what to think of the heel run yet.


"I'd have to see the end result, and I love being surprised and I also love saying that I'm wrong, because I've been wrong about a lot of stuff," he said on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet." "When I say, 'I'm wrong,' that means I'm just about to learn something that I'm not going to forget. I think Dwayne Johnson is such an attraction, I think The Rock is such an attraction I don't think our audience angry with him." 

The Rock ultimately turned heel as part of a course correction by WWE as the company pivoted back to Cody Rhodes as Roman Reigns' WWE WrestleMania 40 opponent following social media backlash and the "We Want Cody" movement. That is why Cena believes the fans are instead angry at their own expectations being changed. However, he also pointed out that there were zero WrestleMania refunds, despite the initial segment of The Rock taking Rhodes' place at 'Mania being the most disliked in WWE's social history.


"The metric to look at for me is how many people don't want to see the show," he said. "My instinct would say, stay the course and the show is an infinite loop, the treadmill never stops. So, if your expectations change in April, what's to say we can't fulfill them next April?"

As it stands, Rhodes will face Reigns on night 2 of WrestleMania 40, while Rhodes and Seth Rollins will team up to face Reigns and The Rock on night 1.

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