Lex Luger Talks About Being At Sting's Last Match At AEW Revolution

Lex Luger and "The Icon" Sting have been best friends for many years, from their time as a tag team, then nWo Wolfpac stablemates in WCW, to their rivalry throughout the '80s and '90s, to Luger being the man to induct Sting into the TNA Hall of Fame in 2012. It was fitting that Luger, though he was not shown onscreen during the match due to a request by WWE, be present in Greensboro, North Carolina at AEW Revolution for Sting's final match. Luger was able to see his best friend retire a champion alongside tag team partner Darby Allin, as the pair defeated the Young Bucks in a tornado match. Luger recently discussed the experience on "Busted Open Radio." He said the atmosphere ahead of the match was "incredible." He also called WWE "classy" for allowing him to attend the event.


"When I first heard, I asked him a few days before, 'Are you guys going on last?'" Luger said. "I guess they debated that a little bit and sometimes, those pay-per-views, they do the warm-up show, and ... Sometimes you can lose the crowd a little bit. But that crowd was phenomenal. They stayed hot. They were lit for the match. I was so excited, they got us out there so we could kind of soak in the atmosphere. It was so great."

The former WCW World Champion shared a photo of himself and Sting backstage following the event. "Oh, what a night! Stinger went out in style!" Luger wrote alongside the photo, posted to his X account. Though Luger couldn't be shown onscreen, several others who worked alongside Sting in his career were shown in the crowd, including Magnum TA, Nikita Koloff, and Scotty Riggs. "Diamond" Dallas Page was also in attendance.