Kevin Nash Discusses Relationship With Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Sting

Though WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash was quite vocal on his podcast about the reasons why he did not attend Sting's final match at AEW Revolution, the former WCW star has a good relationship with "The Icon." On "Kliq This," Nash spoke very highly of the real-life Steve Borden, as he was one of the stars who would help Nash when he was starting out, even letting Nash sleep on a rollaway bed in his room free of charge.


"Him and Lex [Luger] sometimes would pick up lunches when we were on the road because they were making cash and I wasn't," Nash said. "The guys that are the partiers hang out together, and the guys that go to the gym hang out together and they were the gym guys. And on top of that, when I broke into the business I trained at Lex and Steve's gym, Main Event Fitness in Atlanta and my wife did also. He was our star when I was in the first time... Steve was by far the number one guy, but you would have never known it."

Nash also talked about Sting's reputation in the business, that there are no real "road stories" of any bad behavior involving Borden, the man. Nash said there are "two Stings," including the character people know now, and the man Borden was before he gave his life to Christ and embraced sobriety.


"He wasn't insane by any means. He wasn't a stupid a**, he's always been smart, but like, he partied a little harder," Nash said. "He was always really smart. If he was going to have cocktails someplace, it would be at a Marriott that he was staying at."