WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson Reflects On Death Of Ole Anderson

Ole Anderson's recent passing led to an outpouring of tributes from many in the industry who worked beside him. Arn Anderson, who got a major push alongside Ole, recently looked back on his history with the late veteran on his "ARN" podcast. Arn started off by giving his condolences to Ole's family, and then proclaimed that the former Horseman is responsible for the success he has today. "Ole Anderson gave me a rub early on in my career, making me an Anderson and his partner, half of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew which launched me into the very seat I'm sitting in now, 40-plus years later."


Looking back, Arn described Ole and The Four Horsemen as a "magic wand" over his career that led to his success. Additionally, he claimed the veteran was a mentor to him without knowing it. "I was studying everything he did in the ring. He was a mentor to me without even knowing. Just from the psychology that he did out there, the credibility, the believability that he brought to the business, I absorbed all that, that I possibly could and some of it stuck, which I can pass on to Brock."

Despite this, Arn still called Ole a "cantankerous, grumpy, son of a b**ch," but admitted that the late star was good to him. "Sincerely, to his family, and all the people who loved him, to his fans — he left his mark in the business, 81 in our business is a long life, so if you take something from that, that's a long life in our business. God bless Ole, God bless all the people who cared about him."


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