Jim Ross Opens Up About Being Proud Of WWE Star The Rock

The Rock has achieved numerous milestones in wrestling, and is considered by many to be one of the greatest to ever step into the industry. On "Grilling JR," Jim Ross commented on Rock's legacy, and his own relationship with the veteran. "I'm proud of Dwayne, I really am. He's smart, he has a good sense of his surroundings — his influence is going to be heard forever, so I'm very happy that Dwayne's done as well as he is," Ross said. Additionally, Ross assessed Rock's new heel direction. "He's trying to create an interest so that you and I will be happy that we invested in this next pay-per-view event that he's promoting. So that's where I leave it."


Ross then declared he'll always be a fan of Rock due to their history. "When you sign a guy, and you recruit a guy, and you're with him day one, you have a different relationship than normal. So, I'm a Rock fan for life, unabashedly so and I understand what he's trying to do." Ross then suggested that a successful WrestleMania 40 will result in more success for AEW. "High tides raise all ships."

When it came to Rock's new less-PG attitude everyone has seen in his recent promos, Ross claimed it suits him a lot more. "He's always had that edgy attitude since the days he played football down in Miami. That's what they were known for, they were known for attitude. I think that's what fits Rock's persona best as a natural person."


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