WWE Broadcaster Corey Graves Credits One Person With Pretty Much His Entire Career

Paul "Triple H" Levesque has been heavily praised by many former "WWE NXT" stars that he worked with, and Corey Graves is the latest, most recently claiming "The Game" was the man who first took a chance on him as a wrestler — and also the man who permanently benched him as an in-ring performer due to concussion issues.


"Triple H is another guy that I owe a great deal, if not everything in my career, to," he said to "Short And To The Point." "Him having to shut me down broke his heart as much as it broke mine. He's always been sort of silently supportive. He's always been in the back. If I need something, I've never hesitated to go to him and ask." 

Levesque has been bringing a very different approach to creative than what Vince McMahon provided, and that's not the only place there's been changes. While McMahon was notorious for constantly talking and giving feedback to the commentators during a show, Graves praised Levesque for giving them space, which he admitted has been refreshing. 

"Instead of being told and prompted, 'Hey, you have to say this, you gotta do it this way, you have to use this verbiage,' he I think understands that we are all fans and we all love this in different ways," Graves said. "And as the business grows and evolves, you kind of have to let go of the reigns a little bit. I still have my guide rails. I just feel like they're a little wider on each side now."


Graves believes he's now got the leeway to develop his own style, and doesn't have to do things the way they've always been done as long as all the boxes that need to be checked are.

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