Backstage Reaction To Dijak Vs. Joe Gacy Asylum Match On WWE NXT Roadblock

The feud between Dijak and former Schism leader Joe Gacy came to a head in a hard-hitting Asylum match at "WWE NXT's" Roadblock special on Tuesday, and it reportedly had many backstage praising the duo. According to a report from Fightful Select, both were highly praised for the match, particularly Dijak for his moonsault from the top of the cage. Dijak shared an emotional message after the bout, noting that he doesn't take a second of his "NXT" run for granted, following the ill-fated Retribution stable where he was known as T-Bar, and said he is forever grateful for Triple H and Shawn Michaels.


Dijak and Gacy's issues began when the men got in each other's faces when the latter was on commentary during one of Dijak's matches. After the match, Gacy jumped Dijak and attempted to beat him down in the ring. The two had a No-Disqualification match at Vengeance Day, and Dijak came out on top. The feud continued into Roadblock, where both men were locked in the cage. 

Gacy reacted to the Roadblock match on WWE's digital platforms afterward, speaking to the camera, still covered in duct tape from the Asylum bout. He said he "finally felt like himself again" following the match and that "his only true friend is pain." Gacy said he's ready to give and take the same level of violence over and over again.