AEW's Tony Schiavone Discusses Watching Sting Become A Star And An Icon

At AEW Revolution, Tony Schiavone was able to call one final match of Sting's career, as "The Stinger" hung up his boots in style by defending the AEW World Tag Team Championships against The Young Bucks. Schiavone's relationship with Sting dates back to their time in WCW, and the AEW commentator said it has been amazing to think about how Sting has changed with the times to remain relevant.


"I think if you stop and think about it, Sting realized how wrestling has changed through the years and he wanted to change with it, and he did," he said on "What Happened When with Tony Schiavone." "That's one of the reasons he became such the icon that he is."

Whether it's in WCW, TNA, WWE, or AEW, Sting put together some brilliant matches throughout his career which helped build his star power. However, because he has always portrayed such an over-the-top character, Schiavone believes that people sometimes forget just how good he was as a wrestler. 

"Sting could do a lot of things, he was more than just a guy with face paint and a lot of colors that could beat his chest and bring out the excitement of the fans and they drew to that. He was a guy that could actually work a good match," Schiavone said. "I think you've got to credit Ric Flair with that. I think anybody that had any run with Ric Flair learned how to work."


Sting had a fairytale ending as he and Darby Allin defeated The Young Bucks to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships, following which the titles were vacated.

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