Mercedes Mone Remains Coy About What's Next For Her

Mercedes Mone is rumored to be the latest addition to the AEW roster, with the "Big Business" edition of "Dynamite" being cited as her potential debut location. During a recent appearance on the "Kick Rock Wrestling Podcast," Mone explained that she knows precisely what is next for her after some careful decision-making. 


"I'm talking with all these amazing bosses and CEOs and companies, and getting to really sit back and scout out all these shows, and promotions and companies. I'm like, 'I think I might have finally made my decision,' and I think it will be really soon."

The former WWE Superstar revealed that she has been working hard to get back into ring shape with the help of people like Tyler Breeze, Shawn Spears, and the trainers at the New Japan Pro Wrestling dojo in Los Angeles. It hasn't been an easy ride for Mone, as she was originally told that the ankle injury she sustained in May 2023 could have ended her wrestling career. "I was told that this a career-ending injury," Mone said. "I like screamed at my doctor and surgeon. I said, 'No, it's not,' and I'm going to come back really soon and have the greatest time, the greatest matches, the greatest career that I've had yet."


Mone noted that she gets a lot of people coming up to her in the street and at fan conventions asking when certain things are happening, to which Mone explained that she can't talk about because of NDAs. However, she also said that even if she could say something, she would prefer not to ruin any potential surprises.

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